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Confident Businesswoman

YB Empowered is a unique, hands-on workshop opportunity, connecting real world practices and entrepreneur development.


In addition to hands on activities, young aspiring entrepreneurs will learn how to connect with their passions, create a business, understand branding and why it’s important to market their businesses.

The series consist of 3 modules

Up to 2 hours long

Cap at 60 kids per session


Module 1

Understanding Entrepreneurship and Branding


Module 2

Building a business around your passion and what does it need?


Module 3

Making it happen with funding and networking


During these increasingly difficult times due to the impact of COVID and a recessed economy, our communities are being crushed beneath the weight of unemployment and a lack of constructive and creative outlets.


Not only are our children and adults suffering, our professional artists have been forced to choose between their lifelong crafts and survival.


ART to HEART is a community healing program designed to infuse the powers of the Arts into the lives of children, adults and seniors across the globe.


Our program is based virtually in Atlanta, Georgia, & Charleston, South Carolina. As we grow we will create a network of partners in all states and countries to mirror our outreach process through four phases.

Art Class
Young Worker

Each year America drifts further and further away from coming up with realistic solutions to resolve

our infrastructure issues. America is facing a troublesome reality based on the shortage of skilled labor.


Over the last thirty years roads, highways, bridges, locks, dams, harbors, water systems, and

airports have been neglected or marginally repaired.

That is where we come in. The careers are here, but the communication to this youthful base is

too dated and out of touch with the realities of what they find attractive. Creativity and a fresh approach is needed to appeal to this market of potential laborers who can masters

these industries.


Our program is designed to go directly into minority communities of color and we will serve as

ambassadors for the trade industries. We understand our communities and what it takes to reach the hearts and minds of our youth.


A fresh take on branding and marketing these industries will peak the interest of the youth.

This generation speaks a completely different language than their parents, politicians and Realestate developers who are proving to more and more out of touch with this group.


A fresh approach is needed.

We are that fresh approach.

Our Program Partners

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