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SERVCOM, Inc. is grounded in its namesake -

Servicing Communities, Together! 


Upon its inception by four spirited ladies in 2004, SERVCOM, Inc. closely aligned its efforts to its vision which was reflected in its motto, “Tie that Binds” by focusing on common threads woven across healthy communities - school, home, faith, and business.  


Our belief is that communities can grow stronger; children could excel academically, socially, and physically; adults can be more sufficient; and seniors could make meaningful contributions to their communities, regardless of their age.  


Where threads were tattered, bruised or reflected a patchwork, we wanted to help instill a sense of pride and belonging by providing solutions that addressed the issues of inequity of access to resources within the community.  


Whether it was supporting youth development programs at local churches in Stone Mountain to Sandy Springs, to hosting Camp INvention - STEM Camps in Mableton, to providing adult computer literacy training to members of the BankHead Community, or partnering with local or national organizations to provide supportive services to communities in need in the surrounding Atlanta area, we were happy to serve. 


Many programs included an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments while providing optimism for the individual’s ability to continue to grow and contribute to strengthening the threads of their community.  


“The Ties that Binds Us are Stronger than those that tear us apart.” 


As SERVCOM, Inc. has evolved from servicing local communities in Atlanta, GA, we have partnered with organizations and individuals to service communities across the United States and Beyond -  we have supported programming for communities in Las Vegas (NV), Los Angeles (CA), Charlotte (NC), Heath Springs (SC),  and South Africa.  


We are now taking on a more global approach to our service - We do what we do because we all belong to this gigantic community on planet earth. 

- That’s our Why - full stop.  


The State of Current Affairs (aka - The Problem ) - 


It’s 2021 and our communities are failing individuals and its collective members abound.  We all are experiencing the same ailments - 

  • Pandemic

  • Climate Change

  • Educational Deserts 

  • Economic Depression, and a

  • Failing Infrastructure that must be addressed in order to help communities thrive.  


Being Part of the Solution - 


Our focus is on education, health, and entrepreneurship — the cornerstones of sustaining vibrant, thriving communities.


SERVCOM is committed to facilitating dynamic programming that fosters opportunities for continual personal and professional growth for the entire community.  


With a network that spans across various industries -  agriculture, business, computer, education, entertainment, finance, food, health care, and telecommunications, SERVCOM is positioned to help build sustainable communities by sharing best practices, resources, and tools that address the deficiencies that are roadblocks to success.  


We will be heading to a community near you to host a Health, Wealth, and Education Clinic via SERVCOM’s LifeCamps Series.  


  • Come Join Us!  

SERVCOM, INC Leadership 


Executive Leadership 

Rushia Brown - President & Chief Executive Officer

Tonya Jenkins - Secretary of the Board

Marcia Greene - Chief Operating Officer & Treasurer 

Okeeba Jubalo - Executive Creative Director

Johnny Clarkson - Director of Digital Content

Nailah Herbert - Executive Assistant

Noble Brown - Intern


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Our Mission

SERVCOM cultivates personal productivity and profitability through preparedness--competence, confidence, and collaboration--to advance innovation and change.

We Need Your Support Today!

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Serving Food

Donate Now.

SERVCOM, Inc.’s funding comes primarily from individual donors and corporations.  In order for us to continue our mission of servicing communities in need, we rely on donors like you.  


When you join the SERVCOM Network, you are committing to being an impact player within the global community.

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