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Who We Are?

In 2004, SerVcom, Inc. was founded by a group of spirited women that wanted to impact change in their community through service. The name SerVcom was fitting because of their goal…SERVe the COMmunity. For 20 years, SerVcom, Inc has been committed to growing communities by building  stronger children and providing opportunities to excel academically, socially, and physically. SerVcom CEO and WNBA Legend Rushia Brown, has leveraged her brand, experiences and relationships to provide opportunities and resources through programming to communities. By the end of 2023, SerVcom will have served over 20,000 youth nationwide through their core programs, Play Like A Girl, B.A.W.S.E. Girls, Art to Heart, Impractical Living  and The Man Academy.  2024 will bring the addition of Ballers Abroad.

What We Do & Who We Serve?

SerVcom’s signature programs support growth and development in youth by providing preparation for real life experiences through highly engaging and interactive programs administered by professionals in the respective fields.

Who We Serve?

Over the past 5 years, SerVcom, Inc has impacted communities nationwide through partnerships with the WNBA, NBRPA, Las Vegas Metro Police Dept, National Police Athletic League and various universities in the NCAA.


With the help of the Metro Atlanta community and national grants and funding, SerVcom strives to grow in the local community through partnerships with various schools and organizations in the area. One full-time and 2 part-time staff members work alongside  a 7-member Board of Directors towards our mission. 


SerVcom has impacted a diverse population.  B.A.W.S.E. Girls has served 55% Black, 32% White, 6% Multiracial, 5% Hispanic and 2% Asian girls, while Play Like A Girl has impacted 46% Black, 37% White, 10% Multiracial, 4% Asian and 3% Hispanic female athletes and The MAN Academy has impacted 77% Black, 16% White and 7% Hispanic boys

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Sports is a microcosm of the world we live in today. Traditionally, it is where we learn about teamwork, goal setting, the pursuit of excellence in performance and other achievement-oriented behaviors. Studies show that over 80% of all female VPs in corporate America have played sports at some level. The traits developed while on the court or field help build leaders in the boardroom. The Play Like A Girl initiative is designed to help young female athletes develop both on the court and off, in order to be successful in the future. To be told that you “Play Like A Girl” should not have a negative connotation, and it is our intent to empower every young girl that plays the sport. SerVcom hosts FREE clinics nationwide led by WNBA Legends. Sessions include on-the-court training and a SEL session about the PASSION Principles. Participants are taught the importance of 7 key principles: Perseverance, Attitude, Sacrifice, Set Goals, Inner Strength, Optimism, Never Give Up.

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Our young ladies deserve an innovative program that empowers them with tools to forge self-esteem, self-respect, self-worth and help develop positive attitudes in setting and accomplishing goals. B.A.W.S.E. Girls is an 8-week program that implements workshops that develop young ladies that are Brilliant, Ambitious, Worthy, Strong & Educated! The curriculum covers etiquette, confidence building, financial literacy, college prep, stem, affirmation skills,  mental wellness and the PASSION Principles. Each participant receives branded gear including: t-shirt, program workbooks, journals, and  drawstring bags. Each session will host special guests that are specialists in the weeks' topic. 

Happy Family


This dynamic program provides young black and brown girls, ages 11-13 the opportunity to travel internationally to play basketball in different countries, while learning more about the culture of the countries, visiting local monuments and learning the various career opportunities in professional sports. While sports is the draw, Ballers Abroad allows young female athletes to see a path of growth and development through sport. An additional group of athletes travel to learn the jobs around basketball so that they can learn other professions associated with the game. 

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The MAN Academy

Young men in the communities that we serve are often in very challenging situations. The MAN Academy is a unique, hands-on workshop opportunity for boys 8-18 years old to connect real world practices while developing the tools needed to become competent and ethical men. In addition, participants will learn how to determine their passions, learn how to manage themselves along with building their households. Subjects include grooming, entrepreneurship, health and fitness, financial literacy, and home management. 

Art Class

ART to HEART is a community healing program designed to infuse the powers of the Arts into the lives of children, adults and 

seniors within Charleston & North Charleston.


As we grow we will create a network of partners in all states and countries to mirror our outreach process through four phases.


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